ChongChing is a Digital Designer & WordPress Developer based in Penang, MY.

My work mainly focuses on innovating and improving user interface & experiences of digital products.

I have been working in the creative industry over the past 7 years, and had the privilege to work alongside established local agencies and notable brand products. These include Isobar Malaysia, Havas Immerse, Geometry Global Malaysia, IPG Mediabrands, Carlsberg, Konica Minolta, Toyota, MitsubishiAIA, Bols, Coster Diamonds and more.

See my design work on Dribbble and Behance.


After leaving the creative agency on June 2016, ChongChing has turned into a full-time Freelancer and work for many agencies and startups.

Check the timeline below for the past and upcoming projects. You can always email me for work inquiries.

(Netherlands) Oct 15, 2019 — UI Maintenance & Front-End Dev. Costerdiamonds.com website
Sep 9, 2019 — WordPress Dev. B Infinite SG & PH, WebSquared
Aug 26, 2019 — UX/UI Design. Local Taste Bud website, IPG Mediabrands
Aug 19, 2019 — WordPress Dev. Marcusrebeschini.com portfolio website
July 31, 2019 — Front-End Dev. Finix website
(Netherlands) June 14, 2019 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. Costerdiamonds.com website
June 5, 2019 — UI Design. My Tee Times golf mobile app
May 13, 2019 — UX Design. My Tee Times golf mobile app
April 15, 2019 — Front-End Dev. Kintapress.com.my website
April 1, 2019 — Front-End & Back-End Dev. Shopfondest.com E-commerce Shopify website
March 11, 2019 — UI Design. Taghill.my website
March 4, 2019 — UX Design. Star Verona admin portal website
(9 Months Contract) March 1, 2019 — UX/UI Design & Front-End Dev. QDpay website/app, ISolution Studio
(China) December 7, 2018 — UI Design. Centurygame.com website
(Netherlands) December 1, 2018 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. Bolsaroundtheworld.com microsite
(Sweden) October 1, 2018 — Front-End Dev. Afrika.se travel website
(Netherlands) September 22, 2018 — Front-End Dev. Bolsaroundtheworld.com microsite
(Sweden) September 3, 2018 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. Conference travel website
August 30, 2018 — UI Design. Motor insurance mobile app, Tverve Sdn Bhd
(USA) August 15, 2018 — UI Design. FIT website, Smash Urban Media
August 2, 2018 — UX Design. BPAM website, Fuse Interactive Studio
(Netherlands) June 27, 2018 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. Costerdiamonds.com website
(Sweden) June 4, 2018 — UI Design. Afrika.se travel website
June 1, 2018 — UI Design. Studio247 website, Fuse Interactive Studio
May 28, 2018 — UI Design & WordPress Dev. FamilyDental website
March 18, 2018 — Front-End Dev. Avdesigns.com.my website
(Netherlands) March 3, 2018 — UI Design. Costerdiamonds.com website
March 2, 2018 — UI/UX Design. Carlsberg World Cup Campaign website, Geometry Global Malaysia
December 26, 2017 — UI Design & Online Ads Dev. Konica Minolta website, Fuse Interactive Studio
December 9, 2017 — UI Design. Plata Punta website, Fuse Interactive Studio
December 4, 2017 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. The Makeover Guys
October 4, 2017 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. Milo website, IPG Mediabrands (Spring Creek)
October 3, 2017 — UI Maintenance. The Voice MY/SG Fuse Interactive Studio
August 9, 2017 — UI Maintenance. The Voice MY/SG, Fuse Interactive Studio
August 6, 2017 — Online Ads & Microsite Design. Bayer, Immerse Group
June 6, 2017 — UI Design & Front-End Dev. The Makeover Guys
May 2, 2017 — Online Ads & Social Media. Friso Gold Malaysia, Immerse Group
April 29, 2017 — Front-End Dev. MHTC China Corporate Phase 1.5, Isobar Malaysia
April 20, 2017 — Front-End Dev. MHTC China Corporate Phase 1, Isobar Malaysia
April 5, 2017 — UI/UX Design. The Voice MY/SG, Fuse Interactive
(On-Site) April 4, 2017 — Online Ads, FB & Activation. Friso Gold Malaysia, Immerse Group
March 7, 2017 — Front-End Dev. Showroom.com.my website, Fuse Interactive Studio
February 16, 2017 — Front-End Dev. Allianz AJFC Phase 2 Website, Immerse Group
January 18, 2017 — UI/UX Design. Showroom.com.my website, Fuse Interactive
December 21, 2016 — Digital Maintenance. Nestle’s Brand Story & Gallery Image, IPG Mediabrands (Ingenuity)
December 7, 2016 — Front-End Dev. Allianz AJFC Phase 1 Website, Immerse Group
November 22, 2016 — Digital Maintenance. Nestle’s Brand Story & Gallery Image, IPG Mediabrands (Ingenuity)
October 18, 2016 — UI Design. Pearl Shopping Gallery website, One Two Jus
August 16, 2016 — Front-End Dev. Nat Geo - Uncover Malaysia website, Isobar Malaysia
June 8, 2016 — Online Ads Dev. Sunsilk Malaysia


A new design website for the worlds oldest and most trusted diamond factory

A collaboration with the Dutch’s established royal diamonds company. This project took around half year to complete; from UX & UI design exploration, to front-end development. It has been a wonderful collaboration with the COO directly and marked as one of my biggest project in 2018.

See website

Royal Coster DiamondsRoyal Coster Diamonds


When Creative Content and Commerce Combine.

A passion side project that I’ve worked together with 3 other talented individuals a few years back.  The main objective is to collaborate with the local makers to produce a hub connect with their potential buyers easily at one place. Most importantly, it is a platform for people that shares the same passion for creative art through the stories of makers.

See case study



Make Design Accessible For Everyone.

Unlike any other competitors, Groundwork is trying to make a different in the ID industry. Their idea and philosophy are strong, “Make Design Accessible For Everyone”. Likewise to the website I did for them.

See website



Redefine the concept of car brand in Malaysia.

A pitch concept that I’ve worked during my time in Isobar Malaysia. It’s an interesting project to work with my Creative Director when it comes to the freedom of creation. The only brief is, go wild as you can.

See case study

Toyota MalaysiaToyota Malaysia


A place where I posted a lot of work in progress and concept screens.

Check out more shots on my Dribbble profile.

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ChongChing is available for freelance projects.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you’ve got a project in mind or want to know more about what I do.

Dribbble, Behance, Twitter and Instagram.